Dorothy Hakim reviews Simon Scarrow’s ‘Street Fighter’

19 Apr

Having just read Simon Scarrow’s book ‘Street Fighter’ I must say I really enjoyed it.  ‘Street Fighter’ is part of the ‘Gladiator’ series and is the sequel to ‘Fight for Freedom’.  It is a fast-paced story full of the adventures of Marcus – a slave in Rome in the year 61BC.  Marcus was trained as a gladiator and has now been sold to Julius Caesar to work as a bodyguard for his young niece, Portia.  Caesar is a consul in the senate and is trying to win a political war against his arch-enemy, another consul named Cato.  Yet Cato is intent on winning and he takes his side of the argument too far and it turns to war – war where the streets are plagued by vicious gang war attacks.  Attacks that are organised by the two rival consuls.  Attacks on Caesar’s life that only Marcus can stop…

Simon Scarrow is appearing at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham at 12:30 pm, Saturday 28th April as part of the 2012 Hexham Book Festival. He will also be making an appearance at the launch event for issue 3 of Cuckoo Quarterly (also at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham) at 3:00 pm on the 28th April. This event is free to attend but ticketed. Tickets for both events are available from the Hexham Book Festival website.

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